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Types and benefits of Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are becoming the preferred solution, especially in the commercial arena. Some of the problems that have been experienced over time when it comes to building and construction are the time taken from the blue print to the finishing of the project. The overall cost of the building and the time taken is a heavy blow to any purchaser. With SBS, you now have the chance to buy a complete commercial building or storage shed and construction in sometimes a matter of days depending on the size. This solution is cutting edge with more and more commercial buildings going down this road. The advantages that come with steel buildings are immense.

Some of the benefits of these buildings include;


Steel buildings come with strength and versatility blended together. Steel is known as the strongest metal which makes it ideal for the building. The concrete houses and buildings will also have steel for the purpose of improving the structural integrity of the building. The buildings made of steel are an assured form of construction up when it comes to years and years of proven service to the construction industry.


Steel buildings are easy to expand. A few joints and bolts will increase your building in dimensions that would be not possible in many other type of building construction. The expansion is also cheaper and fast making it easier for the commercial industries to stay on schedule when it comes to production.


Steel buildings can be designed to with stand the elements, be it storms or in some countries earth quakes.  Steel buildings are robust, practical and built to last.

Easy set up

The buildings are fast to set up and also pack up. You can move the building as fast as you set it up. This means that you will have no wastage of materials when it comes to relocation. You will enjoy the same building in another location by simply disassembling and assembling at the site.

Types of steel buildings

There are major types of steel buildings in the construction industry today.

Commercial steel buildings

These are buildings that used for commercial purposes including offices, shops, shopping centres and markets, storage spaces, truck facilities, mobile offices, stand and sports complexes.

Industrial steel buildings

These are huge steel buildings for the purpose of production, storage and manufacturing. They include warehouses, manufacturing facilities, automotive shops, auto body shops, Recycling Centers, Lumber Yards, Transfer Stations, Oil and Gas Buildings, Correctional Facilities, Mills, Storage Facility, Railway Station Assembly Plant, Factories and Truck Terminals.

Municipal Buildings

Government offices, Military Barracks, Hospitals, Water Treatment Buildings, Scientific Laboratories, Correctional Facilities, Maintenance Buildings and Energy Buildings,

Agricultural Structures

Farm Garage, Horse Barns, Riding Arenas, Mills, Cattle Barn, Landscaping Warehouse, Chicken coups, Animal Shelter, Hay storage, Livestock Facilities and Outdoor Equipment Storage,

Communal Buildings

Churches, Recreational Park Buildings, Animal Shelter, Community Centers, Portable Classrooms, School Gyms, and School Buildings,

Residential Steel Buildings

Garages, Apartment Complex, Barns, Metal Shops, Recreational Facilities, Home Storage and Workshops Boat Storage.